What I’m Reading this Summer

I’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of summer for months, and now it’s finally here.  It is sad to see another year of school come to a close, but I am very excited at the prospect of having no homework, staying up late to watch movies, and good weather.  But what  I’ve been looking forward to the most are quiet, calm days were I can plug in my headphones and read for hours at a time without being interrupted.  I know it sounds crazy, spending time of off from school to read, but trust me, it’s worth it.  I’ve stocked up on some promising books the last couple of months and am excited to journey through them this summer.  Here are the 5 titles I’m looking forward to the most:

1. H is for Hawk-Helen Macdonald

Find on Amazon here

I began reading this book a few weeks before summer started and immediately fell in love with the quality of the writing.  A story of a woman who has recently lost her father, and begins training one of the fiercest birds in the world.  Listed by the New York Times as one of the top 10 books of 2015, and claimed to be “An instant classic” by various sources.

2. Shoe Dog-Phil Knight

Find on Amazon here

I’ve always been a big fan of Nike, from the shoes to the uniforms and now to the books.  An autobiography from the founder of one of the world’s most popular companies.   A story of determination, grit, and creativity.  I can’t wait to dive into this one.

3. The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings-Phillip and Carol Zaleski

Find on Amazon here

After seeing this book on various ‘best of the year’ lists, I was excited to get my hands on it.  An in depth look at the men who came up with some of the greatest works of fiction ever written.  As a big Lewis and Tolkien fan, I’m excited to learn more about their lives and their creativity.

4. Natural Born Heros-Christopher Mcdougall

Find on Amazon here

Ever since I began running a few years back, I’ve always been interested in reading about others who compete in the sport. A story of strength, wit, and endurance.  After hearing reviews of McDougall’s  first book, “Born to Run” I knew this one would be great as well.

5. The Power of Habit-Charles Duhigg

Find on Amazon here

I’ve had this one sitting  on my shelf since last year and have been trying to find the time to read it.  A book about how habits are formed, and how to get rid of the bad ones while holding on to the good ones.  I still have yet to see a bad review of this book, and am excited to finish it.

Summer Reading Guide 2016: Books I’ve already read that will make your summer better

1. What the Dog Saw-Malcolm Gladwell-Amazon

2. Eight World Cups-George Vecsey-Amazon

3. Do Over-Jon Acuff-Amazon

4. The Harry Potter Series-J.K. Rowling-Amazon

5. Quiet-Susan Cain-Amazon

6. Between the World and Me-Ta-Nehisi Coates-Amazon

7. Poke the Box-Seth Godin-Amazon

8. To Kill a Mockingbird-Harper Lee-Amazon

9. Unashamed-Lecrae-Amazon

10. When Breath Becomes Air-Paul Kalanithi-Amazon


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